The Free-Will Illusion.

Glenn's sayings;

People are aware of the fact that they are not in control of the inner workings of their bodies, but most people are not aware of the fact that they do not control what is going on outside of them either. Most people believe they are in controlof their lives when in fact that is but an illusion.

We are under the absolute control of our body functions and our environment.

You get hungry you eat, you need to rid yourself of digested food you go to the washroom, you need money you work, the phone rings you answer it, get cold you put on a coat, get hot you go bare buff, and if you have an itch, you scratch.

You have no control as to where and when you are born, if you were born male or female, if you are rich or poor, educated, talented, healthy, sex and race, you have no control over when you die etc.

The easiest way to check if we have ultimate free-will or not is to try and stop yourself from dying. No one beats death, not even the faith healers, and no one dies becau…


For most of us who were religionfied our minds have been brainwashed and conditioned to understand the word perish means eternal punishment in the torture chamber of a fiery hell. But is that what it really means? I think not and here is why.

Jesus used the same Greek word for perish in reference to Himself. In Luke 13:33, Jesus said, “Nevertheless, I must go on my way today and tomorrow and the day following, for it cannot be that a prophet should perish away from Jerusalem.” Jesus clearly isn’t using this word in the sense of eternal suffering in hell fire. He is referring to oppression and likely using it to refer to His own death.

Three times in the gospel of John Jesus uses this word perish in connection with,  but not meaning eternal life. He uses this word in contrast of eternal life. His use of the phrase eternal life means to speak of the quality of God’s life that we can have in the here-and-now when we believe in Jesus. Therefore, to perish means not exhibiting God’s life wor…

God's Plan for the Community of Humanity.

I question that within Christendom if the understanding regarding the plan of God for humanity is too short-sited, narrow-minded and limited?

I think most people within Christendom agrees with the view that Jesus Christ is central to God's plan for the human race. However, the religious world is under the illusion that along with Jesus Christ, religion is also a big part of God's plan, and without the religious system the plan of God for humanity would fall apart because of the belief that religion is the mechanism God has chosen to make Himself known to man. But that kind of thinking is an delusional delusion of the religious illusionists, for God's plan for humanity needs no human effort to fulfill it, therefore, no human effort will default it. God initiated His plan for humanity without human participation and will bring His plan to fruition despite man's rebellious religious intervention.

Along with the belief that religion has a part to play is the idea that God…

Religion Preaches...Good News or Bad News?

Glenn's sayings;
Religion says it preaches the “Good News Grace Gospel” ...well...I beg to differ because it isn't good news nor is it Grace when it is predicated on the very bad news that says people deserve to be tortured in some hell fire torture chamber for eternity

Religion's harboring disturbingly negative views about people God lovingly created for His good pleasure, undermines any“goodness” of the good news gospel that it claims to share with people.

Is it “Good News” to tell people...You’re a scum-of -the-earth-sinner who deserves to die and suffer in the flames of hell for eternity! But let me offer you a life line, if you will repent of your sin and agree that Jesus got a bad beaten and killed because of people like you, then God will stop hating and being angry with you and love you enough not to send you to hell. But, it is up to you!
Does that not offend you? So it should because it is a terrorist act at its worse?

The “good news” you say you are preach…

Where is the Hell Doctrine Based?

Glenn's sayings;
People who believe and preach the hell doctrine do so from deep seated religious deception...rather ...than from an honest unbiased historic, environmental and cultural contextual, study of the Bible text!
The innate belief to legitimately damn people to a hell-fired-sinner-populated-torture-chamber using misunderstood Bible interpretation to validate the belief to condemn “sinners” while bolstering their own self-righteous indigent attitude is the height of belligerent elitism and ignorance of God. Who is LOVE.
Most of the people who believe in eternal suffering in hell fire...think it is for other people and not them!

A Gospel that is not The Gospel.

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In my earthly journey as a denominated believer I have struggled with questions regarding the gospel that I was presented by christian denominations, including the one I was brought up to believe was the right one. The longer I traveled along my journey within my denominated corral the more I realized I was deceived by religion, imprisoned by religious spiritually, in bondage to man-made doctrines, clouded in my mind and blinded by religious spectacles.

For a long time I tried to make sense of the religious system I was in by giving my thinking and reasoning ability over to the denominated seminarian professionals regarding God, Jesus and the gospel. The more I tried to understand the more unanswered questions I had.

The qualities that were attributed to God, Christ and the Gospel were shaken because of the atrocity that the vast majority of people created by God  for His good pleasure were to be condemned and sentenced to suffer in the torture chamber of hell fire …

Which Gospel do you Believe?

Glenn's sayings;

A writer in Charisma Magazine states: “The Law doesn’t save us, but it sanctifies us.” 

What this is saying is: the grace of God brings people into a relationship with God but it’s people'skeeping the do's and don'tsthat maintains that relationship and keeps people from upsetting a temperamental God who cannot look upon sin.

This is the Religious Gospel that Paul warned people not to return to “like a dog to its own vomit.”

The Gospel perspective according to the above is: We are saved by Grace but kept by the Law! They “fought the Law but the Law won” because they mixed the Law with Grace!

Let me tell you something, you put up a fight against the Law and the Law will always win!

However, We are not called to fight the Law to make it palatable by mixing it with Grace. Jesus fought the Law but the Law did NOT “ win! Jesus fulfilled the Law by removing it as God's standard of holiness and godliness by revealing the mystery that was hidden in the Law...The…